Casting a Statewide Strategic Performance Net: Interlaced Data and Responsive Supports

The state education agency (SEA) has been shifting its emphasis for decades, from a compliance-focused authority to a change agent equipped with systems, processes, training, and support to heighten the progress of the local district and its schools. This publication highlights a strategic approach to performance management that fits neatly in the new organizational environment. Ideal for organizing people and their work in one entity (SEA, LEA, or school), strategic performance management is equally suited to a multi-organization system where interlaced data and responsive supports are critical.

The publication is presented in four parts:

  •  Part I: Casting a Responsive Net
  •  Part II: Synopsis of the Modules and Steps for an SEA, LEA, or School to Implement SPM
  •  Part III: Interlaced Data and Responsive Supports
  •  Part IV: Best Practice, Productivity, and Innovation