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Maximizing ESSA’s 7-Percent Set-Aside for School Improvement (by Carlas McCauley, Director, Center on School Turnaround)

Maximizing ESSA’s 7-Percent Set-Aside for School Improvement On December 10, 2015, President Obama signed into law the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which reauthorizes the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and replaces the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). The new law includes major revisions to the previous law in terms of how states design their accountability systems and provide … [Read more...]

Governors’ Critical Roles in Supporting School Improvement Efforts (by Sarah Silverman, Program Director, National Governors Association)

by Sarah Silverman, Program Director, National Governors Association Center for Best Practices Education Division   Turnover in leadership is a challenge at all levels of an education system. Just as frequent changes of a school principal can threaten the stability and continuity of positive reforms and the strength of a school’s culture, so too can changes in school district and state … [Read more...]

Turnarounds and Time (By David Farbman, Senior Researcher, NCTL)

Until 2009, the federal School Improvement Grant (SIG) Program had been a comparatively modest program within Title I. However, a boost in base funding to $546 million—along with a one-time infusion of $3 billion from the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act—cast SIG in a new role as the de facto leader in the field of whole-school redesign. So, when the U.S. Department of Education (USED) … [Read more...]

Turnarounds: What’s the State’s Role? – Part 2 (by Bryan Hassel, Co-Director Public Impact)

This is the second of two posts about high-leverage strategies states can pursue on school turnarounds. The first post addressed “setting sights high” and “clearing policy barriers.”  Here, Hassel address three other critical policies, including “Get Serious About Talent”, “Creating a Real ‘Or Else’,” and “Demand Sustainability”. Get Serious About Talent By “talent,” I mean especially the … [Read more...]

Turnarounds: What’s the State’s Role? – Part 1 (by Bryan Hassel, Co-Director Public Impact)

In Part 1 of Bryan Hassel’s blog, he focuses on five state roles that share two characteristics: They are of vital importance to states’ success as leaders of the school turnaround effort Very few states have put all five of these policies in place Hassel tackles two of the five state roles in Part 1 of the blog, “Set Sights High” and “Clear Policy Barriers,” and the other three, “Get … [Read more...]