Networks & Professional Development

A key technical assistance strategy the Center will employ is the creation, facilitation, and cultivation of professional networks of practice (NoP) for state educational agencies (SEAs) and Regional Comprehensive Center (RCC) personnel. NoPs are networks of role-alike individuals (e.g., school turnaround office directors), across different organizations (e.g., SEAs), who have similar interests and challenges, and who can benefit from one another’s knowledge and experiences. The Center will also offer online and face-to-face professional development, collaboration, and networking sessions for these NoP members. Specifically, the Center will support the following:

  • A network of RCC staff focusing primarily on school turnaround-related issues
  • A network of SEA personnel (including representatives across all SEAs) with primary responsibility for school turnaround (e.g., School Improvement Grant Directors)

Upcoming Webinars

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Archived Webinars

  • Assessing District Readiness for Turnaround – July 22, 2015
    Staff with University of Virginia’s Partnership for Leaders in Education, a CST partner, showcase a strategy developed to guide state education agencies and districts in assessing the district’s readiness to support school turnaround.

Work Highlights

Network of State Turnaround and Improvement Leaders (NSTIL)

The NSTIL will focus on building the capacity of SEA staffs who have primary responsibility for school turnaround efforts within their states. The network will provide opportunities for staffs to learn from one another and collaborate to address common challenges. To find out more about NSTIL, contact co-facilitators Julie Duffield or Mark Williams

Network of Regional Comprehensive Center (RCC) Turnaround Liaisons

The RCC Turnaround Liaison Network consists of leaders in each of the 15 comprehensive center regions whose work with states involves school turnaround and improvement. Network goals include improve communication among the RCCs and between the CST and the RCCs, to leverage and promote RCC turnaround work, and identify any areas of collaboration. To find out more about the RCC Turnaround Liaisons Network, contact coordinator Scott Sargent.